White Sage Smudge Spray

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Cleanse your space, no matter where you are, with the White Sage Smudge Spray. This crystal-infused spray contains the essential oil of White Sage - a sacred herb that has been used in rituals since ancient times - to cleanse the air of negative energy. Though White Sage is often burned during rituals, this spray offers a smokeless alternative to smudging.

Known for its calming and relaxing effects, a few drops of Lavender Essential Oil adds a refreshing, herbal, floral scent that delicately cleanses and clears the mind, body, and spirit.

Clear Quartz - known for its high vibrations and ability to amplify thought and intention - also helps to draw off negative energy of all kinds. 

Shake this spray well before use. Spray this mist in your bedroom or use as a body mist to clear away any negative or stagnated energy. 

This spray contains Clear Quartz crystals, White Sage Essential Oil, Lavender Essential Oil, Himalayan Sea Salt, and Purified Water. It also contains a small amount of alcohol to preserve and maintain longevity.

Made with love in Auckland, New Zealand.

100 ml

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White Sage Smudge Spray