Success & Abundance Crystal Pack

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This crystal pack contains five tumbled stones that help to attract success and abundance. 

These crystals come in a white organza bag, accompanied with a small card detailing what each crystal represents. You will also receive a set of affirmations for attracting success and abundance.

This includes:

  • Clear Quartz: Known for it's high vibrations. It help you align with your highest self and achieve your highest potential.  

  • Citrine: A premier manifestation stone, often used to attract abundance, prosperity, and success. 

  • Pyrite: A symbol of wealth and good luck. It helps to attract abundance, wealth, and prosperity, and encourages one to follow their dreams. 

  • Green Garnet: A stone of abundance and prosperity, and is said to bring success to new business ventures.

  • Red Aventurine: A stone of prosperity and vitality. This stone helps to amplify life force energy and provides the extra boost of energy or 'spark' that you may need. 
Crystals for Success and Abundance