Rose Quartz Gua Sha

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Hand-crafted from natural crystals, the Gua Sha hugs the curves of your face and neck, providing a lymphatic massage that will help to eliminate toxins, reduce puffiness, improve blood circulation, and even out skin tone. It works great when combined with a facial oil to help the tool glide along the skin, while the massage promotes deeper penetration of nutrients.


Apply your face oil or serum to a clean and dry face, neck and décolletage. Using light pressure, massage across the face and neck using the below technique for at least one minute (3-5 minutes is ideal).

Jawline: Gently sweep from the chin along the jawline in an upward motion towards the ears.

Neck: Gently press at the base of the neck above the collar bone and move Gua Sha in an upwards motion towards the jaw.

Cheeks: Gently press from the centre of the face and work outwards towards the ears (be careful and extremely gentle near the eye area).

Brow: Gently sweep across the brow line starting from the centre and working outwards.

Forehead: Gently sweep in an upward motion towards hairline.


Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. It assists in reawakening the heart to it's innate love, allowing one to find love for themselves and for others. It also helps to bring about a deep sense of of contentment, and fulfillment. 

This stone carries a feminine energy, encouraging compassion, peace, and healing; and also helps to promote trust and harmony in relationships. 

Rose Quartz speaks directly to the heart chakra.