Rising - Crystal Pack

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The Rising crystal set contains five stones to support your awakening and ascension journey. These crystals can help to attract positive forces and higher guidance, supporting you in rising up and claiming your best life.

This pack contains one each of the following crystals:

HOWLITE has a soothing energy that helps alleviate stress, tension, and anxiety. Meditating with Howlite can help one connect with higher realms, allowing for greater communication of higher frequencies into higher chakras. 

RAINBOW MOONSTONE is a stone of 'new beginnings' and encourages inner growth and strength. This stone enhances intuition, promotes inspiration, success, and good fortune.

BLUE TOPAZ has a peaceful and calming energy and is great for meditation and connecting with spiritual beings. It magnifies psychic abilities, assisting those who wish to tune into higher guidance or spiritual healing. 

NATURAL CITRINE is a potent crystal that energises life. It's a premier manifestation stone that helps attract abundance, prosperity, and success. It promotes clarity of thinking and brings happiness, joy, and many other positive things into your life. 

BLACK TOURMALINE is a powerful protection and purification stone and helps shield against toxic energy and energy vampires. It also acts as a positive force in your life and encourages a positive mindset. 

The crystals with a Hessian Pouch & a card to explain the different crystal meanings. 

Note: Each crystal is unique and may look slightly different from those pictured. Your crystal will be intuitively selected for you. Image shows two Blue Topaz crystals - this set only includes one. 


Rising - Crystal Pack

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