Himalayan Salt Lamp | 2-3kg

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Salt lamps are a wonderful addition to any room. They give off a lovely warm and soothing glow that makes for great ambient mood lighting. The soft amber-coloured glow fills the room to create a relaxing atmosphere, perfect for meditation, yoga, and even sleep.
In addition to ambiance, Himalayan Salt Lamps have other benefits too. They emit negative ions and remove humidity from the air reducing indoor air pollution, enhancing mood, and promoting restful sleep.
Every lamp is carved individually making each one unique. The one you receive may look slightly different than the pictured lamp. I hand select each salt lamp myself to choose the most aesthetic lamps.
This lamp weighs 2-3kg and is approximately 15cm tall. Each lamp includes a 15w bulb + a switch and cord.
NOTE: Salt lamps are hygroscopic so they absorb moisture from the air. It is important that your lamp stays on as much as possible so that it is warmed by the heat from the bulb; otherwise, it can begin to "sweat". If you do leave it off for long periods, remove the switch and cord from the lamp. 
Himalayan Salt Lamp | 2-3kg

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