Bronzite - Rough (Small)

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Self-Confidence • Peace • Harmony • Meditation

Bronzite has an energy that reminds you to 'Inhale confidence. Exhale self-doubt.' It's one of the most powerful crystals for alleviating feelings of self-doubt. It's a great crystal to use during meditation, as it helps restore harmony within, so that the mind, body, and spirit flows. With your mind at peace, it also helps your self-confidence to flourish and gives you courage to take the path of your dreams. 

A strong grounding and protecting stone, Bronzite is also great for repelling negative energy and sending it back to the owner. It's recommended to pair this with another protective stone to cut this energy link, such as Black Tourmaline. Bronzite also helps you remain calm in stressful situations and may assist your temper when you are feeling challenged. 

Bronzite resonates with the heart chakra and root chakra.

Pieces approximately 4cm x 4cm. Each crystal is unique and may look slightly different than the crystal pictured.

Bronzite Rough Small