Auralite 23

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Alignment • Peace • Healing • Spirituality

This very rare crystal is a 21st-century talisman that has remained hidden within the Earth for far too long. It dates back 1-2 billion years ago, yet was discovered only in Canada in recent years. The soothing energies that run through this stone is the work of "23" different mineral inclusions that cannot be replicated elsewhere. 

Auralite 23 is considered to be the 'Stone of Awakening' and is a powerful healer for all chakras and aura layers. It can generate a powerful flow of energy that promotes well-being for the mind, body, and soul. Thought of as a 'Soul Healer', Auralite 23 can help address everything from physical complaints to past life karma. It's also known to cultivate a deep sense of peace and well-being, and a connection to higher energies and universal consciousness.

Auralite 23 resonates with all chakras, though particularly with the upper chakras.

Note: Each piece is unique and may look different than what is pictured.

Small is approx. 2.5cm x 1.5cm
Medium is approx. 3cm x 2.5cm
Medium+ is approx. 3.5cm x 2.5cm and chunkier