Amazonite - Rough

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Hope • Manifestation • Clarity

Amazonite is thought of as a Stone of Hope & Manifestation, and has fittingly been nicknamed 'The Hope Stone'. It inspires you to speak with confidence and self assurance, and helps produce hope in the success of your dreams. Amazonite helps put a positive spin on your life, without being blind to important aspects. It calls on the spirit of inner strength, magnified intention, and commitment; and encourages that can-do attitude to help you achieve your desires. Amazonite is a soothing stone that can also help to settle anxiety and bring in clarity.

Amazonite is a great stone to use when working with words, such as EFT or tapping. Having this crystal in your aura may help to aid the process. 

Amazonite resonates with the throat chakra and heart chakra.

Each crystal is unique and may look slightly different than those pictured.