The Alleyman's Tarot (Limited Edition)

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The highly anticipated Alleyman's Tarot made history as the most funded and backed tarot Kickstarter ever. This truly unique deck contains 137 mismatched cards to create a one-of-a-kind tarot deck. This deck is a one-time print only so now is your best chance to get a copy of this limited edition deck.

With 137 cards, there is certainly some strangeness to the deck. It contains all of the Major Arcarnas, including 9 Deaths, 2 Devils, 2 Suns, a Tower series of 3 cards (the Tower, the House of God, and the Horizon), allowing you to personalise the deck and choose your favourite or use multiple to embrace specific meanings. There are also the Minor Arcana cards (some of which also have more than one card to choose from/use), a Strange Suit, Second Acarna cards, and more non-traditional cards. Each card in this deck was chosen by the Alleyman because they bring in important new angles to your readings. 

With additional variations for select Major and Minor Arcanas, the addition of non-traditional Second Acarnas, and a Strange Suit, you can pick and choose cards to form a truly unique and personalised tarot deck that you connect with. The Alleyman Tarot is a wonderful display deck, certainly, but it's also the most unique deck to use in your divinatory practice as well.

The Alleyman’s Tarot Set includes:

  • 137 card deck, standard tarot size 2.75" x 4.75", 330 gsm Black Core German card stock. Cards have their unique, original card-backs, and some have foil or edge gilding, or both.
  • Guidebook including the meanings of all the cards in the deck (and those from the Booster Packs), full-colour, spiral-bound 5" x 8" size

A Wooden Cigar Box to hold your Alleyman's Tarot cards and an Alleyman's Tarot Cloth (60x60cm) can be purchased separately.

An artifact from the real world, the Alleyman Tarot was made with the kindness of many other artists. It is made up of cards licensed from other real-world tarot decks; cards originally designed by artists and Seven Dane Asmund of Publishing Goblin for the deck, and standalone cards from older tarot decks, now public domain. This deck comes with a special guide made specifically for this deck, written by the Alleyman himself, explaining the intricacies of the deck and the purpose of its many cards.

Note: Not all cards contained in this deck are shown in the images of this listing.