Charcoal Disks - 10 Pack

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Charcoal disks can be used for burning herbs, resins, and loose incense. Use with a charcoal burner, heatproof dish, or cauldron.

These tablets are quick lighting. They come in a sealed foil roll with 10x charcoal disks 33mm in diameter.

How to use

• Get your burner or heatproof dish ready. If using a heat-proof bowl, add salt or sand to the base to disperse the heat and improve burning efficiency. 
• Hold the charcoal disk with a pair of tongs and hold the flame of a lighter, a match or a candle to it. You will hear a slight crackle sound once the disk is ignited (and you may notice it beginning to go grey around the edges). I recommend doing this part outside or in a well-ventilated area as the charcoal may smoke for about one minute to begin with. 
• Place the charcoal disc on your burner or heatproof dish and sprinkle a small amount of herbs, resin or loose incense on top. 
• It will burn for up to 45 minutes. Add more incense and resins as necessary but be careful not to smother it. 
• Ensure ashes are completely distinguished and cold before disposing of.

Charcoal Disks - 10 Pack