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Protection • Grounding • Happiness

Tourmaline is a powerful protection and purification stone. It cleanses the air of negative energy, making it a great stone to keep in your room, car, or any sacred space. Its energy is magnified even more when placed in four corners of the room. Carrying one around with you whether as jewellery, in your pocket or bag, will help to shield against toxic energy and energy vampires. 

Tourmaline also acts like a positive force in your life and encourages a positive mindset. It enhances energy and aids in removing blockages. It helps to balance your masculine and feminine energies.

Tourmaline resonates with the root chakra.

Tourmaline soaks up negative energy like a sponge, so make sure you're cleansing it regularly too. Read how to cleanse and charge your crystals here

Black Tourmaline Raw Rough Crystal

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