Using Crystal Water Bottles to Manifest With The Law of Attraction

Manifest with water and the law of attraction

If you've read any of my previous posts about The Law of Attraction and manifesting, you'll be aware that there are numerous different techniques you can use to manifest your desires. This post is all about using crystal water bottles to manifest with the law of attraction. The powerful water manifestation technique I'm about to share with you involves intentionally charging your drinking water; before taking it a step further, and also harnessing New Moon energy to amplify these intentions. 

Why are we manifesting with water?

First, let's just take a moment to appreciate water for what it is. Water is the most essential natural element that exists on this planet. It's the essence of life, and the abundance of life on this planet would cease to exist without it. Humans can only survive 3-4 days without water, and all of our food sources would eventually diminish without it. This just puts into perspective how magical and powerful water is. 

As if it's not already amazing enough, studies have found that water has the power to hold intentions! Japanese researcher Dr. Masaru Emoto conducted a study that looked at the effect of different words, music, or intentions and their effect on the molecular structure of water. In his experiments, upon subjecting different samples of water to different words, music, and intentions, he would then freeze them before analysing them under a microscope. He found that water that had been exposed to positive words and intentions such as love, gratitude, peace, and happiness, formed more aesthetic crystal structures when compared to water that had been exposed to negative words and intentions such as evil, hate, doubt, and disgust.

Considering the human body is made up of 60% water, it can be thought that drinking water that's been exposed to positive words, intentions, or the vibration of what you are trying to manifest will help you to embody those vibrations, therefore attracting more of it to you. 

This water manifestation technique has been tried and tested by many over the years and proven powerful results. I myself have seen manifestations come into fruition incredibly fast after using the method I'm about to show you. 

The Water Manifestation Technique

If you're doing this ritual on a New Moon, integrate these steps into your usual New Moon ritual where you would be setting your intentions. 

Step 1. Choose a glass vessel for your drinking water.

I highly recommend you choose something that is made out of clear glass. You can use any empty glass bottle (make sure it's been thoroughly washed if it previously held something other than water), a mason jar, or you can use one of our glass Crystal Water Bottles. I use a Clear Quartz crystal point water bottle to make this more powerful.

Clear Quartz Crystal Point Water Bottle

Clear Quartz is known to be one of the most powerful crystals for manifesting due to its high vibration and ability to amplify intentions. As we're about to charge our water with intentions, having the Clear Quartz crystal infusing in it will amplify them.

Step 2. Fill it with quality drinking water.

Fill the glass bottle with quality drinking water, whether that's pure spring water or filtered water.

Step 3. Meditate & Express Gratitude

As always, whenever I'm about to do any kind of manifestation ritual, I like to take a moment to ground myself with my breath through meditation. This can be a quick 2-minute meditation, though I personally like to do it for about 10 minutes or so. 

Following on from that, I will also take a moment to express gratitude. I will often just write a simple list of things I am grateful for, making sure to feel the gratitude in my heart.

Gratitude raises your vibrations and can help put you on a really positive buzz before continuing on.

Step 4. Set your intentions

Write a list of intentions and affirmations that match your desire. Use positive emotive language where possible. 

Step 5. Charge your water with your intentions

With your list of intentions / affirmations laid out before you, take your glass vessel and hold it in your hands. You will now go through each of your affirmations one at a time, reading them out loud, and feeling them to be true as much as you possibly can. Keep repeating the same affirmation until you are satisfied, before moving onto the next. Close your eyes as you are repeating each affirmation, and simply open them to read the next one, before closing them again.

Go through your entire list of intentions/affirmations, reading them out loud, focusing on feeling the energy of your words and transferring it into the water. 

Step 6. Leave it to charge & then drink it

If you're doing this on a New Moon, leave it to charge on your window sill under the energy of the New Moon. If you're using one of the crystal water bottles, great. If not, you can surround your water with crystals that match specific energies. 

Once your water has charged overnight under the energy of the New Moon, you can drink it how you see fit. You can drink it immediately, over a few days, or what I personally do - store it in the fridge and drink a couple of sips of it over the moon cycle. Because it's charged with my intentions, by spreading it out and drinking it everyday, I'm embodying those vibrations every day and attracting them without resistance.

If you're not doing this on a New Moon, let the water sit for at least 10 minutes, at which point you can drink it, or save it for later.

Utilising the New Moon 

To achieve the full effect of how I use this method, I recommend doing it on a New Moon. Why? The New Moon marks new beginnings, making it a powerful time to set intentions, initiate new projects, take action on new goals, manifest your desires, and “level up” in your life. 

The moon is not only known to have an effect on the planet, but also on us. We're mostly made of water, so it's no surprise that we're influenced by the gravitational pull of the moon, much like the tides are. 

Asking the universe for what you want with the clean slate of the new moon is a very powerful practice. This moon phase offers a time to recalibrate your energy for the upcoming cycle, and step into an upgraded level of consciousness to bring in your desires.

With that being said, this water manifestation technique can be used at any time and doesn't have to be on a New Moon. For those who are doing this at any other time, that's totally fine. Feel free to omit the steps that are part of the New Moon ritual.