The Best Crystals & Gemstones for Love

The Best Crystals & Gemstones for Love

We can all use a bit of help sometimes to cultivate more love in our lives. Whether you're looking to attract your soulmate, improve your relationships with friends and family, or deepen your self-love, there are crystals and gemstones that can support your intentions and infuse more love in your life. In this post, we're going to share the best crystals and gemstones for tapping into the energy of love. 

Rose Quartz

Great for: Universal Love (Romantic Love, Platonic Love, Self-Love)

Rose Quartz is the stone of universal love. Whether you're looking to attract love, have more intimate relationships, or deepen your self-love, this crystal is a great one to lean on. It assists in reawakening the heart to its innate love, allowing one to find love for themselves and for others. It carries a soft feminine energy and encourages compassion, peace, and healing; and helps to promote trust and harmony in relationships.


Great for: Attracting Love

Aventurine is the stone of luck, which might be just what you need to attract loving new relationships (and maybe even a soulmate) into your life. For some extra assistance on the dating scene, it also boosts courage, confidence, and optimism. 

Green Aventurine strongly resonates with the heart chakra, and will help you endure any challenges in new relationships. It's a powerful crystal for calming negative emotions that can often cause blockages. By harmonising and balancing your heart chakra, more positive energy can flow through which can open your energetic field to more possibilities.


Great for: Romantic Love, Passion, Relationships

Red Garnet is the stone of passion and commitment; and it's known for its rich connection to love. It brings warmth, devotion, trust, understanding, and sincerity to relationships; and also enhances sexuality and passion. Red Garnet is the perfect crystal to re-ignite a fire within a relationship or to deepen your love and connection with your partner.


Great for: Healing Heartbreak

Malachite has a strong resonance with the heart chakra. It can help with emotional healing by allowing energy to flow through the heart chakra, opening it back up to love. It reminds you to leave the past behind, helping you to move forward when going through heartbreak.

Rose Aura Quartz

Great for: Universal Love (Romantic Love, Platonic Love, Self-Love)

Rose Aura Quartz is largely known for its strong love energies. It's said to enhance your love for romance, friendships and life itself, helping you feel infused with the magic of love.  Additionally, it helps you to feel more compassion for others; heals the heart space; brings peace and calm; and allows for easy and flowing communication.


Great for: Romantic Love, Relationships

Moonstone has a protective feminine energy that helps to balance your emotions, and encourages you to remain calm under stressful and heated situations. This is essential in maintaining stable and strong relationships.

As a stone with a strong connection to the moon, it gives off a similar loving and warm energy which helps to open your heart to acceptance. 


Great for: New Love, Relationships

Jade is an excellent stone for attracting new love, or reigniting love in an existing relationship. It has a new love energy that supports budding relationships, and it encourages trustworthiness and fidelity. Jade also has a strong connection to the heart chakra. It helps to flush out negative energy to bring you into harmony with the wider world. 


Great for: Romantic Love, Relationships

Amazonite has a strong connection to the heart and throat chakra, encouraging effective and open communication in relationships. It encourages both partners to freely voice their thoughts, and release any emotional baggage that may be hindering the relationship.

It also helps to balance emotional energy, bringing more calm and understanding to a relationship. Amazonite removes judgement and fear so couples can openly communicate with love and respect. 


Great for: Self-Love

Rhodochrosite encourages self-love by gently and softly penetrating each of your layers, and teaching you to accept every part of you. It reminds you that we are all deserving of love and happiness, and encourages you to love yourself first.

Being connected to the heart chakra, it can also help you deal with suppressed emotions and feelings. As it aids you in releasing these negative energies, it will stimulate healing and help increase your self-confidence. 


Great for: Relationships

Emerald is a great stone for long-term relationships. It promotes loyalty and romantic love, providing essential qualities for relationship success. It also balances energies to help keep relationships stable; and encourages partners to be loving, forgiving, and compassionate towards each other.

Bring more loving energy into your life by placing these crystals in your environment, carrying one in your purse, or wearing them as jewellery. You'll find these crystals and more here, and we've even incorporated some of them into our candles so be sure to check those out too! <3