How to do a Full Moon Ritual

How to do a Full Moon Ritual

The Full Moon marks the completion of a cycle, making it a great time to reflect, reset, and release all that no longer serves you, so you can begin the next cycle of your life with a clean slate. 

Full moon rituals can be simple or elaborate, and there are plenty of different rituals that you can do. The important part is that your rituals and practices should be YOURS and feel right for YOU. I'm sharing the simple ritual I do during a Full Moon that's straight forward and easy for anyone to follow. As you begin to find your flow more with these rituals, go ahead and make any necessary changes or adaptions.

1. Cleanse Your Space

Before a moon ritual, ensure you have a nice clean space. I tidy up the room, clear away any clutter, and vacuum if necessary. I personally find this makes space for maximum zen vibes. 

Going into the ritual, start off by releasing and clearing your space of any stagnant or negative energy. This can be done by burning Palo Santo or White Sage, and wafting the smoke around your room and yourself (make sure the windows are open so the smoke can clear out). You can also use a smudge spray like my White Sage Smudge Spray as a smokeless alternative. This spray contains Clear Quartz crystals, Himalayan sea salt, and White Sage essential oil which are all fantastic for clearing away negative energy.

You should also cleanse and clear your crystals of any old energy as well, to prepare them to be charged under the Full Moon.

New Moon Ritual Cleanse

2. Set The Tone 

There are a number of ritual tools you can use to help set the tone and energy, as well as connect to the elements and ground yourself. Lighting candles are my ultimate go-to. 

Our Full Moon candle is the perfect addition to any Full Moon ritual! It has earthy aromas of Palo Santo & Sage which really help to ground you in your space. It's topped with Smoky Quartz & Black Tourmaline which are great grounding crystals. Additionally, lighting some tealights inside crystal tealight holders, and even incense can also help set the vibe. 

You should also set out some crystals that you feel drawn to at this particular time in your life - it's entirely up to you. These could include crystals that resonate with things you are trying to manifest, such as Citrine for abundance and wealth, Rose Quartz for love, or Carnelian for creativity.

Full Moon Ritual Tools

3. Meditate & Express Gratitude

Meditating before you really get into your ritual helps to ground and center you. You can meditate for as little as 5 minutes, or as much as 20 minutes (or more). Focus in on your breathing, and feeling present in your body.

If you'd like some guidance, you can do a guided meditation using an app like Insight Timer or simply searching for guided meditations on YouTube. 

When you've finished meditating, reflect on the month that has passed and write a list of things you are grateful for. This is a great way to bring your vibe up, and it's always good to make time to express gratitude. 

4. Release & Let Go

Put on some calming, and relaxing music, and take a moment to think about what is no longer serving you. This could be thoughts, beliefs, habits, behaviours, relationships, paradigms - anything that you feel is holding you down or blocking your progress. By clearing these things out, you make space for things that do serve you and your goals.

With your pen and a piece of paper on hand, begin writing these down. Start with the heading, "Tonight I release and let go of..." Take your time with this process and allow it to flow. Once you have completed this list, read them out loud and visualise yourself cutting a cord with these things as you do.

It's up to you how you dispose of this paper. You can rip it up and throw it in the bin, or for a more symbolic closing, I like to go outside under the Full Moon's light, and burn it in a fireproof dish until it turns to ash (however, do this at your own risk and please take care in doing so).

5. Set Intentions

During the New Moon, you would have set some intentions and put some manifestations in motion. Now is the time to reflect on those intentions, and deepen them, or tweak them.

What has transpired since then? What progress have you made? Where are the successes? Where are you finding resistance? Where do you see opportunities for growth? What changes would you have to make now to better align yourself with your previous intentions? Spend some time reflecting and journaling, and I encourage you to scour the internet for more Full Moon journaling prompts that can help you go deeper.

With this insight, take some time to set some new intentions for your next chapter. I like to do this by coming up with a list of affirmations that I will incorporate into my day and routine. 

 6. Charge Your Crystals

Putting your crystals out under the light of the Full Moon is a fantastic way to charge them, and better yet, this method is suitable for every type of crystal.

At the beginning of this ritual, you would have cleansed your crystals with Sage or Palo Santo, returning them to their innate energy before you charge them. Set these crystals outside in a safe place, or you can set them on your window sill. The energy of the Full Moon remains strong for up to three days before, as well as after the Full Moon, so feel free to leave them charging for the entire window.

Some like to set out a glass of water to charge under the Full Moon too, and drink it the following morning. I'd recommend doing this with one of our Crystal Elixir Glass Bottles - with the energy of crystals inside them, this will help to amplify the energy of any intentions you set.

End your Full Moon ritual with some relaxation time. Do some more journaling, read a book, or take a nice cleansing bath with some of your favourite grounding crystals.

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