How to Balance and Unblock the 7 Chakras

Balance and unblock the 7 chakras

You may have heard the term 'chakra' plenty of times in yoga class, spirituality books, and new-age circles. People will often talk about balancing and unblocking certain chakras, and if you're not already clued in on them, you might be sitting there thinking, "Okay, but what the heck is a chakra?". 

Chakra in Sanskrit means 'Wheel' and is thought to be spinning discs of free-flowing energy (life force energy aka prana) that sits at each major energy centre in the human body. There are 7 main energy centres in the human body, starting at the base of your spine and moving all the way up to the top of your head. 

If your chakras are healthy and balanced, that means the 7 chakras are providing the right balance of energy to every part of your mind, body, and spirit. If one of your chakras is overactive, blocked, or under-active, certain symptoms will arise. In general, you might feel 'stuck' or a bit 'all over the place', but if you look closer, you might notice more specific symptoms which are actually related to certain chakras.

In this article, I'm going to go over each of the 7 chakras and how to spot if they overactive, under-active, or blocked. And better yet, I'm going to give you some pointers on how you can balance and unblock the chakras, so you can live a more balanced, and harmonious life. 

The Root Chakra (I am)

Root Chakra

The first chakra is the Root Chakra which is located at the base of your spine. This chakra is associated with the colour red, and the element of earth. This chakra is all about being grounded and having inner stability. It's concerned with our survival, so our basic needs such as safety, security, sleep, and self-preservation are all key factors to balancing the Root Chakra.

If you have a balanced Root Chakra you will feel safe, secure, grounded in the present, in control, and stable.

If you have an overactive Root Chakra you may feel greed, impatient, short-tempered, and materialistic.

If you have a blocked or under-active Root Chakra you may feel anxious, uncertain, disconnected, fearful, and find that you are constantly overthinking. 

Crystals the are associated with the Root Chakra include any that are red, brown, or black in colour including Red Jasper, Mookaite, Garnet, Smoky Quartz, and Black Tourmaline

The Sacral Chakra (I feel)

Sacral Chakra

The second chakra is the Sacral Chakra which is located at below the navel where the reproductive organs are. This chakra is associated with the colour orange and connected to sexuality, pleasure, and creativity. 

If you have a balanced Sacral Chakra you will feel open, positive, passionate, and a general sense of well-being, with a healthy libido. 

If you have an overactive Sacral Chakra you may feel addicted to sex or pleasure, manipulative, over-emotional, overwhelmed, or arrogant. 

If you have a blocked or under-active Sacral Chakra you may feel a lack of creativity, a low libido, sexual dysfunction, and a fear of change.

Crystals associated with the Sacral Chakra include any that are orange in colour including Carnelian, Orange Calcite, Tigers Eye, and Goldstone.

The Solar Plexus Chakra (I do)

Solar Plexus Chakra

The third chakra is the Solar Plexus Chakra which is located above the navel at the centre of the stomach. This chakra is associated with the colour yellow and your personal power, self-confidence, self-esteem, and will power. 

If you have a balanced Solar Plexus Chakra you will feel confident, driven, in control, and a strong sense of self.

If you have an overactive Solar Plexus Chakra you may feel critical, egotistical, judgemental, domineering, stubborn, and power hungry. 

If you have a blocked or under-active Solar Plexus Chakra you may feel a lack of direction, low self-esteem, indecisive, and that you procrastinate.

Crystals associated with the Solar Plexus Chakra are any that are yellow or golden in colour including Citrine, Pyrite, Tigers Eye, Golden Mookaite, and Peach Moonstone.

The Heart Chakra (I love)

Heart Chakra

The fourth chakra is the Heart Chakra which is located at the centre of the chest. This chakra is associated with the colour green and love, compassion, and relationships. 

If you have a balanced Heart Chakra you will feel compassion towards others, love for yourself as well as others, peaceful, tolerant, and well-loved.

If you have an overactive Heart Chakra you may feel needy, co-dependent, a lack of boundaries for yourself, jealousy, and overly giving.

If you have a blocked or under-active Heart Chakra you may feel hateful, a lack of empathy, bitterness, anger, and a lack of trust.

Crystals associated with the Heart Chakra are any that are green or light pink in colour including Rose Quartz, Jade, Emerald, Green Aventurine, and Amazonite.

The Throat Chakra (I speak)

Throat Chakra

The fifth chakra is the Throat Chakra which is located in the throat area. This chakra is associated with the colour blue and speech, communication, and self-expression. It oversees your ability to speak your truth.

If you have a balanced Throat Chakra you will be able to listen well, express yourself confidently and clearly, speak with kindness and truth.

If you have an overactive Throat Chakra you may be overly opinionated, speak harshly or critically of others, loud or interruptive, and a gossip.

If you have a blocked or under-active Throat Chakra you may have difficulty expressing yourself or speaking confidently, fear judgement, and struggle to stay focused.

Crystals that are associated with the Throat Chakra are any that are light blue in colour including Kyanite, Celestite, Aquamarine, and Blue Lace Agate

The Third Eye Chakra (I see)

Third Eye Chakra

The sixth Chakra is the Third Eye Chakra which is located between the brows, towards the centre of your forehead. This chakra is associated with the colour dark blue or indigo and is all about intuition, wisdom, and perception. The pineal gland is responsible for the Third Eye and helps to receive information from sources outside of the five senses.

If you have a balanced Third Eye Chakra you will feel highly intuitive, be able to see beyond the physical, and have a clear vision and sense of direction.

If you have an overactive Third Eye Chakra you may experience nightmares, hallucinations, and feel overwhelmed the Third Eye experiences.

If you have a blocked or under-active Third Eye Chakra you may have poor judgement, poor imagination or memory, lack of focus, and lack of purpose.

Crystals that are associated with the Third Eye Chakra are any that are dark blue or indigo in colour, as well as and including AmethystSodalite, Purple Fluorite, Lapis Lazuli, and Labradorite

The Crown Chakra (I understand)

Crown Chakra

The seventh chakra is the Crown Chakra which is located at the top of the head. This chakra is associated with the colour white or violet and your consciousness, your connection with your higher self, and your spiritual connection.

If you have a balanced Crown Chakra you will feel have a high level of awareness, have faith in the universe, and feel a connection to a higher power.

If you have an overactive Crown Chakra you may feel ungrounded, be overly-addicted to spirituality, and feel disconnected from the physical body.

If you have a blocked or under-active Crown Chakra you may feel a lack of connection to spirituality, doubtful, and a lack of faith.

Crystals associated with the Crown Chakra are any that are violet or white in colour, as well as and including Clear Quartz, Selenite, Amethyst, Howlite, Celestite, and Labradorite.

How to balance and unblock the chakras

When your chakras are unblocked and balanced, your energy is constantly free-flowing allowing prana (life force energy) through them. So while it's important we put focus into balancing each chakra, ultimately we want all of our chakras to be opened and aligned. If one is out of balance, it has potential to affect the rest. So how do you unblock them? There are a number of different methods you can use.

Guided Meditations

One of the most powerful and reliable ways to balance your chakras is with chakra meditations. While they don't necessarily need to be guided, if you're unfamiliar with chakra meditations, doing them guided will be the easiest and likely most effective for you. 

There are hundreds of amazing guided meditations that you can find online. You can start on YouTube and meditation apps such as Insight Timer.  You'll want to do these meditations more than once, but the consistency will be worth it in the long run.

You can add crystals to your guided meditation sessions too. Simply choose a crystal for the chakra you would like to balance and hold it in your hand or place it in the corresponding area.


When we interact with crystals, their energy effects ours, making them a wonderful tool for balancing our energy centres. Chakras are also influenced by their associated colour making certain crystals more influential on different chakras. 

The first thing you want to do is select one crystal for each chakra. You can refer back to the first half of this article for suggestions, or you can check out our chakra crystal sets which contain a crystal for each chakra. 

Next you want to set an ambience for this session. Dim the lights, light some incense and/or candles (my crystal candle range would be perfect for this), and put on some nice relaxing music (I recommend searching for chakra healing tones or chakra healing music on YouTube).

Finally, you want to place the crystals on or around the corresponding chakra you would like to heal. Refer back to the first half of this article to see the corresponding areas for each chakra. For the crown chakra, you'd place the crystal just above your head. These energy wheels are quite large, so you don't have to worry too much about being precise with your placement. Take your time with this. If a crystal falls off, just re-place it or leave it.

Take some deep breaths and centre yourself. Keep your focus on your breath and let the music and ambience bring you to a state of deep relaxation. Stay like this for anywhere from 5 to 20 minutes.


Yoga is another fantastic method for unblocking and aligning the chakras. Yoga works to move the energy in your body through certain postures, the breath (pranayama), mudra (hand and finger gestures), and meditation. Certain yoga practices such as Kundalini Yoga also use mantras. All in all, these practices help to purify and balance the subtle bodies and Chakras.  

Addressing The Root

Sometimes blockages are caused by things like bad habits, past traumas, our environment, people we surround ourselves with, and other factors. If that's the case, addressing these blockages at the root will be one of the most effective things you can do for balancing that chakra. This normally involves letting go of what no longer serves you, whether that is a bad habit, toxic people, or limiting beliefs. Of course this is easier said than done. Where do you even start? Journalling is a great way to address the root cause.


Journalling is a great way to get to the root cause of some of your blockages. There are plenty of great resources you can find on the internet about how to use journalling to address your chakras, but here are a few prompts you can use to get started. 

Root Chakra Prompts

• How do I feel safe / unsafe in my life?
• How can I better support myself / give myself more stability?
• What are some fears that I am not letting go of?

Sacral Chakra Prompts

• Where can I express more creativity in my life?
• How do I suppress my sexuality?
• What are my deepest desires?

Solar Plexus Prompts

• Where do I feel confident / not confident in life? Why?
• If I was my best self right now, how would I act? What traits, habits, attitudes would I embody?
• In what ways do I give away my personal power?
• Where can I set more boundaries in my life?

Heart Chakra Prompts

• In what ways can I start loving myself / others more deeply?
• What am I grateful for?
• Where do I hold judgement for myself / others and how can I be more accepting?

Throat Chakra Prompts

• How can I start living and speaking my truth?
• How do I express myself most effectively?
• How would speaking my truth make me feel?

Third Eye Chakra Prompts

• When was a time I listened to my gut and it turned out to be right?
• What is the happiest version of myself doing? How do I act?
• Where am I lacking clarity in my life?

Crown Chakra Prompts

• In what ways do I try to control life? 
• How am I connected to others?
• What areas in my life would I like to place more awareness?

While there are more methods you can use to balance your chakras, the ones listed are above are my favourite. If you found this article helpful at all, I'd love to hear what methods you used and which ones were your favourite. If you'd like more articles like this one, send me a message here. With so many different things I can write about, I really appreciate getting feedback on what type of articles you find most useful!