Best Crystals to Aid Meditation

Crystals to Aid Meditation

Meditation is a powerful practice that can lead to more balance, stillness, and peace in your life, while being the catalyst for massive growth and transformation. If you have trouble meditating or you’re simply looking to deepen them, there are some crystals that are a great aid for meditation. Simply hold the crystal/s in your left hand, or place them on or near you while you meditate. I’ve been working with a number of these lately and I’ve been blown away at how they’ve enhanced or shifted my meditations.

Remember, your external world is a reflection of your internal world so if you’ve got big goals for this year and want to kick its ass, a consistent meditation practice will really take you a long way! Adding crystals to your meditations can really give you a great boost, helping to strengthen your connection to your intuition, the spirit realm and your higher self.


Amethyst has a deeply calming energy that will help you tune into your deeper sense of self, making it excellent for meditation. This crystal can ease and quieten the mind, helping to dissolve stress and anxiety from the day, while expanding the higher mind, opening intuition, and enhancing psychic abilities. Amethyst is also a purification stone, meaning it will purify the auric field of your body as well as the room you’re in, helping remove negative influences and attachments that might hinder your spiritual, physical, and emotional healing.


Bronzite has an energy that reminds you to 'Inhale confidence. Exhale self-doubt.' It's one of the most powerful crystals for alleviating feelings of self-doubt. It's a great crystal to use during meditation, as it helps restore harmony within so that the mind, body and spirit flow. With your mind at peace, it helps your self-confidence to flourish and gives you the courage to take the path of your dreams. A strong grounding and protecting stone, Bronzite is also great for repelling negative energy.

New Jade (Serpentine)

New Jade (Serpentine) is a phenomenal meditation stone, both grounding and elevating. It is particularly useful in meditations that are based on past life retrieval and accessing ancient wisdom. New Jade cleanses and aligns the entire Chakra field and opens up psychic channels. It is one of the best stones for exploring Kundalini energy and creating pathways for that energy to rise. Serpentine connects the heart and mind to the natural world and teaches patience. 


Prehnite will help your mind to become more peaceful and relaxed, as it soothes restlessness and worry. It’s excellent for use in meditation as it induces deep meditative states, attunes you to divine energies, and brings through unconditional love. It is also said to enhance visualization and heighten your ability to ‘hear’ beings on other planes. Prehnite is also known as the Stone of Magic as it has a magical energy that is said to enhance precognition and the gift of prophecy.

Ruby Zoisite

Ruby Zoisite is a spiritual stone with a vibrant energy that promotes happiness, psychic development, and personal growth. It is a prized meditation stone for its ability to amplify inner knowledge and help you to understand who you really are. The alignment of the root, heart and third eye together allows for controlled, yet intense experiences filled with knowledge. Pair with Sapphire, is a stone that harmonizes almost perfectly with Ruby Zoisite, for an enhanced experience that will aid full expansion of the mind and contact with higher beings.


For those who crave peace and serenity across their body, mind, and soul – Selenite will help you do that. Selenite is a calming stone that instils deep peace and is excellent for meditation or spiritual work. It provides clarity of the mind and helps to expand your awareness while opening you up to higher levels of self. Working closely with the higher chakras like the Crown Chakra and the Third Eye Chakra, Selenite keeps light and energy flowing so that you are cracked wide open and ever ready to receive the messages that the universe and your spirit team has to give.